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Itchy dog home remedies

Hi to All,

I had my first experience with acupuncture treatments last week for a frozen shoulder. The acupuncture, along with weekly chiropractic adjustments, does seem to be helping, although my progress is excruciatingly slow. I will do just about anything to avoid steroids or surgery!

I’ve mentioned Dr. Mercola’s site before, and Dr. Karen Becker, who is the veterinarian on the Healthy Pet portion of his website, recently did a two-part video about Skin Problems and Baths (NOTE: this link takes awhile to load). Our little sheltie/schnauzer mix Roxie is highly sensitive to environmental allergens and fleas, and the tip I found most helpful is to bathe her more often. I’ve always thought it was a bad idea to frequently bathe dogs as it dries their skin, but Dr. Becker debunks that idea. Roxie, to her extreme displeasure, now gets a weekly bath to relieve her itchiness.

I couldn’t resist sharing this tip for Cleaning Your Computer Screen.


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Nose Down, Eyes Up

Hello to Everyone,

We took Roxie for her periodic chiropractic adjustment yesterday, and Dr. Maria told us Roxie’s back is doing really well, so our next appointment is set for eight weeks out. Roxie still gets agitated when we pull into the parking lot, but no where near as much as when we first started taking her for adjustments.

I have to tell you about a book I just finished Nose Down, Eyes Up: A Novel by Merrill Markoe. It is pure entertainment, and as a dog lover I found it hilarious. For me this was a very fast read, and the story was clever enough that I didn’t want to put the book down.

The leading character, Gil, has four dogs, Jimmy, Cheney, Fruity, and Dink. Gil has learned animal communication from his girlfriend Sara. He overhears Jimmy holding court with the other dogs, teaching them the finer arts of human manipulation, hence the title Nose Down, Eyes Up. The dogs also wax philosophical about the benefits of eating garbage and other delights, chasing balls, and peeing inside or outside.

I must add, if adult language and situations offend you, then this book is probably not for you.

By the way, if you have any extra rain you would like to get rid of, please send it down to San Antonio. We could really use it!


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Animal EFT – just more woo-woo?

Hi Everybody,

It is another scorching hot day in San Antonio, but Roxie and Gypsy don’t mind, as they spend the day with the humans in an air-conditioned house.

You may or may not have heard of EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique. Per Gary Craig, EFT is essentially acupuncture without needles. It is a tapping methodology used to stimulate energy meridians for healing physical and emotional issues.

Some EFT practitioners have taken EFT to another level and used it on animals. Most will use what is called a proxy method, where you connect with the energy of the animal you wish to heal and tap on yourself, although others have had success in tapping directly on the animal.

My own opinion is mixed. I have not personally had success with EFT, but I’ve read so many testimonials I can’t help but think there is something to it. Plus it sure doesn’t hurt anyone or anything, as it is non-invasive and a method anyone can try.

Here is the link to download Gary Craig’s free EFT manual.

A couple of websites specifically about Animal EFT are: Animal EFT, and Silvia Hartmann Animal EFT protocol.

I also found a couple of youtube videos demonstrating animal eft:

Let me know what you think, and if you have had experience with EFT I’d love to hear about it.


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Dog Safety for the 4th of July

Hello to Everyone,

The 4th of July always conjures up memories for me of our small town 4th of July parade, with the brownies and girl scouts, cub and boy scouts, the members of the American Legion, the mayor, and various small local businesses as participants. We waved our little American flags with pride and then went home to eat hotdogs and hamburgers for dinner. After dark, we got to wave sparklers while our dads shot off cherry bombs and Roman candles.

So many dogs, our own hyper little Roxie included, have a tremendous fear of the sound of fireworks. Roxie will glue herself to your leg as you walk through the house, and shiver and shake and pant until the sound goes away. If we are going to be away from the house, we leave a radio turned on and block the doggie door so she can’t get outside and try to escape. This year, we have found a homeopathic remedy called Peace and Calming, which does seem to help her.

Here are the ASPCA Fourth of July Safety Tips, and an article from the Humane Society
July 4th Fireworks Are No Blast For Pets.

Another resouce I came across today is a company, Bark Buckle Up, that has items to help keep dogs safe while traveling or enjoying the boat. They have doggie life jackets, harnesses, and the like.

Have a safe and happy 4th,


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