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Gypsy and Roxie get their nails done

Hi Everybody,

Rick and I recently got a pocket video camera, and the first video is Gypsy and Roxie getting their nails filed with a dremel tool.

We were using the standard dog nail clipper but we could never get Roxie to cooperate, plus we didn’t like that afterwards their nails were razor sharp and ragged.

So, Rick trained them to accept the dremel. Gypsy was a breeze, as all she cares about is getting the snacks at the end. It cracks me up when she lifts up her paws, like she is about to get a manicure!

Roxie, not so much. She was terrified. But, over about six weeks, Rick conditioned her to the dremel. First, he would just hold up the dremel without turning it on and give her a snack. Next step was to turn it on, and give her a snack. Then, he would bring the turned on dremel close to her and give her a snack. Then, he tapped her nail and gave her a snack. I think you get the idea. Now she tolerates getting her nails trimmed but she is still all about the snacks.

Check out Gypsy and Roxie starring in their first video!


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