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Working with an Animal Communicator – session 3

Hello to All,

Last week we had our third session with Val Heart, so here is an update.

If you have not seen my first two posts about working with Val, if you read them first, this post will make more sense. Here are the links: April 29th – Session 1, and May 17th – Session 2.

As with the previous session, we started by giving Val an update. Unfortunately, Roxie and Gypsy did get into a fight since our last session, so we had to work through that. An errant ball hit Gypsy on the side while Rick and Roxie were playing fetch, which caused Gypsy to attack Roxie. Gypsy thought Roxie was to blame, even though Rick is the one (obviously) who threw the ball.

We also talked through the flea problem we’ve been having. Rick and I subscribe to a natural method of handling fleas, but they have gotten the best of us this season. Roxie is terribly allergic, and scratches incessantly despite our best efforts. Val recommended some homeopathic remedies to help de-tox her blood, including silicea and arsinicum. We are newbies to homeopathy, so we are still doing research and looking for a place to purchase them. If anyone has had experience with these products, I would very much appreciate hearing from you.

In the mean time, Rick found Best Yet by Cedarcide, which is a topical spray of Texas red cedar oil. We ordered some, and Rick has been spraying the dogs, and their bedding. Other than they both smell like freshly cut cedar, we haven’t noticed any bad effects, and it does seem to keep the fleas away. Rick also sprays it on himself when he goes outside to keep mosquitos at bay. So far, the product is working as promised.

Anyway, back to Val. After we talked about the flea issue, we moved on to some healing work. Val has extensive experience and is heavily credentialed in the art and science of healing. She uses, among other modalities, The Body Talk Healing System. Rick and I have experienced energy medicine from another practitioner, but Val looks at balancing the entire family (Rick, myself, Roxie, and Gypsy) as a connected energy matrix. I don’t purport to understand much of how this works, but it is just one of those things I take on faith. I do believe the body has all it needs to heal itself, if you give it what it requires and remove the stresses and toxins that get in the way.

We are contemplating continuing our work with Val, to focus more on the healing aspect, not only for Roxie and Gypsy, but also for Rick and myself.

I’ll keep you posted!


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