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Doggie Language Poster by Lili Chin

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Hello All,

I thought this was terrific as I’ve seen Roxie and Gypsy use most of these on a regular basis. Gypsy uses “I’m your lovebug” every morning to elicit a belly rub as part of our good morning routine, and Roxie is fond of “Ready” which she uses every day during her fetch session.

You can check out her website to see more examples of her charming illustrations: Doggie Drawings by Lili Chin.


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Happy 13th Birthday to Roxie!

Hi Everyone from hot and dry San Antonio,

Roxie is all set to celebrate her 13th birthday! She still acts like a puppy and still is a determined fetchaholic who reminds us it is time to play every day at five o’clock:

Not to be outdone, Gypsy is ready to participate in the party:

Here’s to you and your dogs,


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