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The Dog Who Danced – book review

Hi Everybody,

It is a rainy Monday here in San Antonio.

I recently finished reading a fantastic novel The Dog Who Danced, by Susan Wilson, who is also the author of One Good Dog.

The story centers around Justine, and her gray and black Sheltie, Mack. Justine has endured some rough times, and Mack is the bright spot in her life. She and Mack are partners in canine freestyle events, and Mack, being a quick study, has excelled in the sport.

Justine is summoned to Boston to see her dying father, and hitches a ride with a cross-country truck driver named Artie. On the journey, she loses Mack, but will not give up on finding him and exhausts every resource to get him back.

Mack, in the meantime, never gives up on Justine. While continuing to wait for her, he adopts an older couple, Ed and Alice Parmalee, who have lost their way with each other.

Told from the perspective of both Justine and Mack, this was for me a real page-turner. Although it has a predictable ending, it illustrates the power of an animal companion to heal wounded hearts and bring people back together. I loved how the author, when telling the story from Mack’s point of view, understands what is important to a dog, e.g. treats, food, exercise, and loyalty.

If you enjoy animal stories, and especially if you are a dog-lover, both of these books will captivate you.

In full disclosure, if you choose to purchase either The Dog Who Danced or One Good Dog through any of the links I have provided, I will receive an affiliate commission from


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