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Happy 14th Birthday to Gypsy!

Hello to All from San Antonio,

As Roxie did in August, now it is Gypsy’s turn to celebrate her 14th birthday! As she was a stray, we don’t know Gypsy’s actual birthday, so we’ve guessed it to be this time of year.

Gypsy definitely has some graying about her muzzle, but all in all, gets around really well for a 14 year old. She loves to hunt in the back yard, and takes her job of home security quite seriously. I wrote about one the examples of her guard duties in the post: Our GPS – Gypsy’s Possum Surveillance.

Gypsy is camera shy, but we persevered and managed to get a decent shot of her in a party hat:

Gypsy with hat

And here is Gypsy protesting the wearing of a tiara:

Gypsy with tiara

Roxie, on the other hand, is a little ham:


Please give your dogs a hug for me,


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National Monument to Military Working Dogs – Lackland AFB

Hi Everyone,

This week, the first national monument to military working dogs was dedicated at Lackland AFB, here in San Antonio. It is quite fitting the monument be constructed at Lackland, as it is home to the world’s largest training center for military, security canines, and their handlers. The Lackland facility has trained dogs for all of our military since 1958. This project was eight years in the making, and was financed by private donations.

The four breeds used most often by our U.S. troops are featured in the monument: malinois, doberman pinscher, German shepherd, and labrador retriever. Each of the dog statues is about five feet tall. Along with the dogs, there is a nine-foot-tall statue of a uniformed canine handler. My favorite part of the monument, however, is the water feature showing a handler using his helmet to offer water to his canine partner.

Our local ABC affiliate, KSAT, covered the dedication in this story with a video showing the water feature: National monument for military working dogs unveiled.

National Dog Monument
U.S. Air Force photo by Benjamin Faske


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