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Roxie and Gypsy in their jammies

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Hi Everybody,

We’ve had a cold winter, at least by San Antonio standards, and decided to purchase some doggie pajamas for Roxie and Gypsy to help them stay warm at night. We had a problem last winter with Gypsy in that she would boot Roxie out of her bed, and we figured it was because she was getting cold at night. As you can imagine it is difficult to keep a dog “under the covers” so even though they each had a nice warm blanket covering them starting out, by morning, they would be uncovered. The pajamas have worked out well, and though neither Roxie nor Gypsy liked wearing them at the beginning, it appears to us they are now enjoying their jammies.

Plus, although admittedly my opinion is biased, I think they look pretty darn cute in them!

Roxie and Gypsy pjs

Gypsy pjs

Roxie pjs

Take care, and stay warm this winter!


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