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R.I.P. Gypsy 1999-2015

Hello Everyone,

It is with a heavy heart I bring the news we have lost our girl Gypsy, as of 1:45 a.m. this morning Tuesday August 18th. She had a couple of very difficult days, starting Sunday evening when she began panting incessantly. We took her to our vet, Dr. Maria Williams, who ran blood work and started her on fluids. Dr. Maria called us early afternoon and suggested we come back early to get Gypsy as she was deteriorating quickly. Her heart was pounding out of her chest and her blood work showed her kidneys were failing. We brought her home and she spent her last hours with her family.

What made her passing so difficult is we feel we were blindsided. On Sunday morning Gypsy was pawing at our bed as usual, enjoyed her walk in the park, and enjoyed her breakfast. She had always had iffy kidney numbers and Dr. Maria had concerns about her heart all along, however we had controlled both problems with supplements and Chinese herbs.

Here is the last picture we have of Gypsy, taken a couple of days ago for Roxie’s 16th birthday:


And here a couple of the first pictures we have of Gypsy taken in 2001:
Gypsy 2001

Gypsy 2001

Please give your fur-kids an extra big hug for me today,


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Happy Sweet 16th Birthday to Roxie!

Hi Everybody,

We are so happy to be celebrating Roxie’s 16th birthday! Everyday has been a blessing after the year both Roxie and Gypsy had in 2014: Roxie’s cancer surgery, Gypsy’s back problem, Roxie’s seizures, and Gypsy’s stroke.

Roxie is for sure showing signs of being a senior dog, but she is still going strong. She has hearing problems, vision problems, some arthritis in her hips, and she has lost her depth perception. She has what we are calling “doggie dementia” in that we find her standing with her nose in a corner and she no longer has a sense of space. However, she still very much enjoys her food, she still likes to play, although not as vigorously as she once did, and she enjoys going on very slow and meandering walks. She will quite frequently go running/hopping around the house, especially when she knows it is time to eat!

Something interesting we have noticed about Gypsy, is her recent patience with Roxie. It was never like that, as Gypsy had a short fuse if Roxie would bump into her or invade her space. Now, Gypsy just puts up with Roxie’s stumbles and mistakes with grace.

Here is our Sweet 16 girl in her tiara:

Roxie with tiara

And another one just because:


And here are a shots of Gypsy, who will celebrate her 16th birthday this November:


My best to you and yours,


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