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Roxie the Birthday Queen – she is 17!

Hello Everyone,

Roxie is celebrating another birthday today. She is an amazing 17 years old! We never would have thought when we brought home that fat little puppy in October 1999 she would still be with us!

We can definitely see signs of decline in her over the last year. Her hearing and vision have deteriorated, she seems to become disoriented more frequently, and she has lost muscle mass in her back legs. Despite the decline, she has earned the nickname of “Roxie the Wonder Dog” from our neighbors due to her ability to bounce back from injury and her fighting spirit.

Just a couple of weeks ago she hurt herself when she lost her footing on our tiled kitchen floor and flipped over hitting her spine and her head! She refused food and could barely walk the next day. We thought it would take her several days to recover, but she was back the following day!

She still gets excited at meal time, in fact, that is how she injured herself bouncing into the kitchen for her dinner. She still enjoys walks in the park and around the neighborhood, and she still likes to go for truck rides. A neighbor asked me the other day how long I thought she will be with us, and I really have no idea. As long as she continues to enjoy life and is pain-free I believe she will stick around for some time to come.

Here is our Birthday Queen:

Roxie with hat


All the best to you and your fur-kids,


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