Homemade Dog Food – how much I feed our dogs

Hello from San Antonio,

It is a gorgeous afternoon here, sunny and in the seventies.

Gypsy came in this morning and left us a nice pile of dry grass in the carpet. She had been outside doing what we call her “happy dog dance” where she gets on her back with all four paws waving in the air, and waggles her back end around. She then came in and shook off on the living room carpet, which, of course, had just been vacuumed. Gotta love ’em!

Anyway, I wanted to pass on what I’ve learned about homemade dog food portions. Roxie is about 18 pounds and Gypsy is about 21 pounds. I feed them twice each day.

This is a typical meal for them:
– about 1/3 cup of protein (I rotate chicken, beef, turkey, and pork)
– plus a heaping tablespoon each of raw organ meat (liver, gizzards, heart), mushed-up veggies, and plain yogurt.
– I also sprinkle on 1/8 teaspoon of ground-up eggshells for calcium.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, when I first started with this, I was also adding either cooked brown rice or oatmeal, but they both gained too much weight.

Even though Roxie is slightly smaller than Gypsy, she gets the same amount of food because she is the more active of the two. I keep an eye on them and if I see them either gaining or losing weight, I’ll adjust the amounts accordingly.

Another point I wanted to make is a larger dog will usually need less food percentage-wise than a smaller dog, so an 80 pound dog may not need quite four times what Roxie and Gypsy get. Something our vet passed along, is just to use common sense, and to err on the side of too thin rather than too heavy.

I hope you are finding this information helpful, please post a comment if you have a question.


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