The Other Coast – the folly of leaving pets in a vehicle

Happy Sunday Everyone,

This cartoon was published Friday in the San Antonio Express News, and it hit me as a powerful statement about the folly of leaving a pet in a vehicle in hot or even warm weather.

“The Other Coast” comic strip is the work of Adrian Raeside who lives in Whistler, BC. To check out more of Adrian’s creations click on his Raeside Cartoon website.

Something else that is important to remember during hot weather is that asphalt can get hot enough to burn a dog’s paws. You can check this with your own bare feet or hands. If you cannot keep your hands or bare feet on the asphalt for at least three seconds, it is too hot to safely walk your dog. This was brought home to me yesterday when Rick and I attended the Pet Expo at the Freeman Colliseum in San Antonio. The temperature was reading 104 in the parking lot, yet we saw tons of people walking their dogs on that scorching pavement.

For more hot weather reminders see my June 24 2009 post Hot Weather Dog Safety.

Please give your dogs a hug for me,


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