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Hello to you on this overcast, rainy day in San Antonio,

We took Roxie and Gypsy for a walk today as we always do, even though it was raining. We have raincoats for Roxie and Gypsy, but they both hate wearing them. Gypsy just plants her feet and refuses to move!

I wanted to talk a bit about the routine into which I have settled for their homemade dog food preparation. I generally cook for them a couple of times per week, preparing three days of food at a time. If I make more than three days worth, it goes into the freezer.

Roxie and Gypsy are about 18 and 21 pounds respectively, so the proportions I am mentioning work for them. I found some square Rubbermaid freezer containers at our local grocery store that are a perfect serving size.

A pound of meat yields about two cups, and I serve them each about 1/3 cup of meat for each meal, so a pound makes six total servings for my dogs. I’ll brown up the ground hamburger, turkey, or pork with some minced garlic and herbs and put it into the individual containers.

I’ll then add about a tablespoon of chopped, raw, organ meat, and a tablespoon of mushed-up veggies into each container, so they are ready to go when it is time to fed my girls.

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