Homemade dog food – another recipe

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I’ve talked in previous posts about making homemade dog food using the crock pot for inexpensive cuts of meat, or just browning ground meat.

Another easy recipe for homemade dog food is to buy chicken when it is on sale. Our local grocery store periodically runs specials of leg quarters, legs, and thighs for $1.00 a pound. When they do, I use that as the protein for Roxie and Gypsy. I just put the chicken into a stock pot with water, veggies (carrots, celery, squash, but no onions), garlic, and herbs. It simmers for about 1 1/2 hours, is allowed to cool, and then gets deboned and divided into serving sizes. You could also use this as a double-duty dinner for both the humans and the dogs.

One of the biggest objections I had about making homemade dog food was the time factor. Sometimes it is hard just to get food prepared for the human part of the family, much less the canine part. I had to figure out a routine that would work for me. Along that vein, I am on the lookout for “homemade” quality dog food available by mail, so if you know of any, please post a comment.

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