Homemade dog food – does your dog have a weight issue?

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Hope everyone had a restful and fun weekend. Part of our time on Sunday was spent “beautifying” Roxie and Gypsy. It’s not something they look forward to, but they tolerate their baths and haircuts quite well.

Dog Food Secrets is is the work of Andrew Lewis who tells the compelling story of losing his four year old dog Noble to kidney failure, due to chemicals in the commercial dog food he was fed.

Some of what I learned from Andrew is ways to tell if your dog has a weight issue:

1. Are the ribs easily felt with slight fat cover, or difficult to feel under moderate or thick fat cover?

2. From the side view, is there an abdominal tuck beginning from base of ribs?

3. Is there thickening at the tail base?

4. From the overhead view, does your dog have a marked hourglass shape? (underweight indicator)

5. Or, from the overhead view, is the back slightly or markedly broadened at the waist? (overweight indicator)

6. Is your dog slow to rise or move around?

7. Is your dog reluctant to exercise, or easily tired with activity?

I’ve mentioned in other posts that watching their weight was a way for me to know if I was feeding Roxie and Gypsy the right amount of homemade dog food, and our vet told us it was better to err on the thin side rather than the heavy side.

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