Roxie’s infected leg and 2.5 pH water

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This happened a while back and some of you have already heard the story. However, I think it bears repeating as it is such a testament to the power of using low pH water for healing and disinfecting.

As background information: We have an Enagic Kangen Water® machine. We LOVE our machine. Not only because of the myriad of positive results Rick, myself, Roxie, and Gypsy have had from drinking the water, but also for the many, many uses we have found for the other pH waters from the machine.

Roxie and Gypsy had gotten into a nasty fight. Roxie’s right front leg was badly injured, so we wrapped it up. Gypsy, however, had managed to break a tooth in the process. Her right canine tooth was dangling and causing her a lot of pain. We were so focused on Gypsy, getting her to the vet, seeing a doggy dental specialist, that I am ashamed to say we forgot about Roxie. About three days after the fight occurred we finally unwrapped her leg. It smelled horrible. It smelled like rotting flesh. I was in a panic, and thinking the worst thoughts about the outcome.

But, it occurred to me we had seen a Japanese Video where they were treating diabetic patients’ gangrenous limbs using only 2.5 pH water. (The low pH, or strong acidic water, is otherwise known as hypochlorous acid.) We figured we had nothing to lose, so we soaked Roxie’s leg in the 2.5 pH water for about 10 minutes, changed the water, then soaked it again. The smell was gone. Her leg ended up healing just fine. So, if someone asks me what the value of our machine is to me, I would say priceless.

You can see for yourself what makes Kangen Water® so special by watching this 22 minute video: Kangen Demo, and you can get a free e-book and newsletter by clicking on the “Kangen Water for Pets” icon on the right. For a quick look, Rick recently set up this website: Orange Bad – Purple Good .

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