A Dog’s Purpose – book review

Hello to All from San Antonio,

I recently finished reading two novels A Dog’s Purpose and Emory’s Gift by W. Bruce Cameron.

Although I preferred the first, I would recommend both books to anyone who just enjoys reading stories about animals, and who can entertain the idea that spiritual energy never dies, but carries on regardless of the physical body.

For this post I am focusing on A Dog’s Purpose. This is a thoroughly enjoyable book and a fast read, where the story follows the spirit of a dog through four lifetimes. The first experience is as a dog named Toby, a feral mixed-breed, who learns some life lessons from his mother that serve him throughout the other lifetimes. The second lifetime is Bailey, a pure-bred golden retriever who becomes a beloved pet and is completely and utterly devoted to his boy Ethan. The third is Ellie, a female German Shepherd, who is trained to serve as a search and rescue dog and carries out her missions with great courage and enthusiasm. The final experience is Buddy, a black Labrador, who once again becomes a beloved pet and companion.

I loved how the author, W. Bruce Cameron, builds on each lifetime with the lessons learned from each of previous ones. The story is told entirely from the dog’s viewpoint and in the dog’s voice, so there is much editorializing about cats, human behavior, the surroundings and situations, and all things important to a dog. It is clear the author has great knowledge regarding dog behavior, training methods, and dog welfare.

In full disclosure, if you choose to purchase either A Dog’s Purpose or Emory’s Gift through any of the links I have provided, I will receive an affiliate commission from Amazon.com.


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