Acupressure and Homeopathy and Massage, Oh My!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a great weekend!

Our grocery store had chicken legs and thighs on sale this week for $1.00 per pound, so I made the chicken recipe that I mentioned in my April 17th post for Roxie and Gypsy’s homemade dog food.

As side benefit, this recipe also results in homemade chicken broth for me to use in gravies, sauces, and soups. I let it cool overnight in the fridge, skim off the fat, pour it into a muffin pan, and stick the muffin pan in the freezer. Each “muffin” is about 1/4 cup, so once frozen, I pop them out into a freezer bag for later use.

I wanted to share a video I got in my email. It is from Dr. Andrew Jones, who is a veterinarian from Canada, a staunch animal advocate, and a strong believer in natural, holistic methods of pet care. Plus, I think he is kind of cute! He has a short demonstration of acupressure, homeopathy, massage, and the use of an herbal tonic. He uses his dog, Lewis, and his cat, Trent as subjects, and it is so sweet to see the obvious affection he has for his pets. Enjoy!

Have a good evening, and give your dogs a hug for me,


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