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Hi Everybody!

We have a unique opportunity to attend a FREE phone seminar this Thursday April 30th at 9 pm Eastern presented by Dr. Andrew Jones who is the author of Veterinary Secrets Revealed. To register for this event CLICK HERE.

In this 90 minute teleseminar, we will learn:

  • How to treat our pets at home
  • How to NATURALLY treat Allergies, Cancer, Arthritis and Ear Infections
  • Natural alternatives for Heartworm prevention
  • What we can use for Flea and Ticks that WON’T harm our dogs or cats
  • The TRUTH behind Vaccines- how to avoid potentially disastrous side effects, and the Vaccine regimen he advises for our dogs or cats
  • The TOP ways to prevent disease.
  • The best diets for our pets- He’ll show us what to feed, how to choose a quality pet food, which supplements to give, and the SAFE treats to use.

I hope you’ll join me in attending! Click Here for all the Details.

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