Roxie gets a haircut

Hi Everyone,

Our 12-year old sheltie/schnauzer cross Roxie had a haircut this weekend. It had gotten to the point where the neighbors were asking if we had gotten a new dog, and a woman at McAllister Park called her “Scruffy”!

Here is “Scruffy” before:

Here is Roxie reemerged, and “Scruffy” has left the building:

Rick first bathed her in 11.5 pH water from our Enagic SD501, rinsed her in “beauty” water (slightly acidic) from the SD501, and then groomed her. I think she looks really cute with her first Spring haircut!

You can see for yourself what makes an Enagic SD501 so special by watching this 22 minute video: Kangen Demo, and you can get a free e-book and newsletter by clicking on the “Kangen Water for Pets” icon on the right. For a quick look, Rick set up this website: Orange Bad – Purple Good .


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3 Responses to “Roxie gets a haircut”

  1. Val Heart Says:

    Love it!! That’s so GOOD. Well done, Rick! Question: Did you use any kind of shampoo with the 11.5 pH?

    I also groomed Einstein last weekend and was delighted with the results — he looks awesome!

    Much love,

  2. Jean Says:

    Hi Val,

    Rick uses only 11.5 pH water to bathe Roxie and Gypsy, no shampoo. Which is great because it makes rinsing them so much easier and you don’t have to be concerned about any residue in their skin! Gypsy’s black and white fur just shines after a bath in 11.5 and beauty water.

  3. Lissa Whittenton Says:

    Thats just wonderful!!