He’s upped the ante! FREE courses to be given away

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Hello Everyone,

Have you registered yet for the free phone seminar I told you about yesterday?

Well, Dr. Jones has upped the ante. Take a look at this email I received from him:


Hello Jean,

Re: Want to WIN a New Course?


Hey again fellow readers of Veterinary Secrets,
and connoisseurs of ‘Animal Hair’ in your food.

Thursday’s Phone Seminar on Keeping your Pet
Healthy and Extending your pet’s life is coming
real quick.

Home Study Course GIVEAWAY Contest

I’m going to be giving AWAY 3 NEW Veterinary
Secrets Revealed2.0 Home Study Courses.

My New Course has QUADRUPLED in size- it includes
my 450 page Veterinary Secrets2.0 Manual, 250 page
Pet First Aid Secrets Manual, 8 Instructional DVD
Videos, 4 Instructional CD ROM Videos, and 4 Audio CDs.

It’s very LARGE, and Extremely Valuable.

The Catch………

1. You’ve got to Sign Up for My Pet Health
Phone Seminar by clicking here:


2. Then you’ve got to go to my Blog, WATCH
my next 2 Frequently Asked Questions Videos about
my New Home Study Course, then leave a comment.

My Blog is at:

Veterinary Secrets Blog


P.S. You really do have a chance to WIN, and it’s
far better than the 1 in 14 million odds of winning
a lottery…I’m giving away 3 Courses.

1. Register for my Pet Health Teleseminar:


2. Watch for 1st 2 Frequently Asked Questions
Videos on my Blog, and leave a comment:

Veterinary Secrets Blog

Heal Your Pet At Home!

Best Wishes (and Good Luck),

Dr Andrew Jones, DVM


I hope you will join me in attending, and maybe win a free course!
(free is always good).


Apr 29, 2009 | 0 | Holistic