You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Hello Everybody,

We have had some much needed rain in San Antonio: just shy of 6 inches in the last week.

I’ve been working with our 13-year-old Roxie to learn a new game: the “find” game. Roxie is a determined fetchaholic and will play way too long if we don’t stop her. The “find” game is a way to slow her down and teach her something new at the same time. I will ask her to sit, and then stay, while I hide her squeaky toy in a place out of her sight line. When we were first working on it, she would follow me to see what I was doing, so she didn’t exactly understand the spirit of the game! But now, she is so cute. She sits and stays, and then enthusiastically takes off when I say “find it!” She seldom is unsuccessful, and she looks so proud of herself when she comes back with her toy and I tell her “good find!” Here is Roxie after a successful “find.”

It is so much fun and satisfying to work with our dogs like this. They seem to enjoy it also!

Thanks to our friend Val Heart, for telling us about the “find” game.

Sending out love to you and your dogs,


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2 Responses to “You CAN Teach an Old Dog New Tricks”

  1. Val Heart Says:

    Congratulations, Jean, Rick & Roxie! Find it is such a great game for so many reasons. My Schnauzer Einstein LOVES to play and he’s gotten so good at it, it’s hard to find hiding places that give a challenge these days. 😀 We’re working on finding specific objects now, like Find the bone, or Larry the Lion, or Crazy Kitty. Once they have the concept, you can expand it to finding other things, like Find Rick! Find Jean! Much love, Val

  2. Jean Says:

    Hi Val,

    I LOVE the idea of finding specific items. We will work on that next! Give your sweet Einstein a big hug for us please!