The Dog Lived (and So Will I) book review

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The book The Dog Lived (and So Will I), by Teresa J. Rhyne, is the true account of her dog, Seamus (pronounced Shaymus), and then Teresa herself going through the horrors of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation (cut, poison, and burn) treatments for malignant, aggressive cancerous tumors.

Teresa recently had: lost her two elderly beagles, Richelieu and Roxy, been divorced for a second time, and moved to a new home. She had a lot of baggage. So, she had no intention of becoming involved with another beagle, or much less another man. However, things have a way of happening in an unplanned manner. She met Chris, a younger man who despite her intentions to the contrary, captured her affections. She received a call from a local animal rescue organization who suggested she “just come in for a look” at a newly acquired young beagle. At the shelter, this canine immediately attached himself to her and she found herself with a new family member in this sweet and adorable, yet demanding dog. She named him Seamus.

Besides having an insatiable appetite for human contact, Seamus had an insatiable appetite for food of any sort. Despite his shortcomings, Seamus was a beloved companion. So, it was devastating news when Teresa was told Seamus had a particularly aggressive cancerous tumor, and would only live another year. Teresa invested all of her emotional and financial resources into fighting Seamus’s cancer, and just about lost him in the process, but he survived both the cancer and the treatments.

She didn’t realize that Seamus had prepared her to wage her own war against cancer. Shortly after Seamus had received a clean bill of health, she found the lump in her breast. She was immediately scheduled for surgery, and went through her own series of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

With Chris’s love and care, Seamus as a source of laughter and entertainment with his endless demands, and support from unexpected places Teresa has received her own clean bill of health.

The Dog Lived (and So Will I) is uplifting, humorous, and easy to read despite the honest depiction of what it is like to go through both cancer and it’s conventional treatments. Teresa J. Rhyne has written an encouraging and inspirational story I think both animal lovers and cancer survivors will appreciate and enjoy.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday and did not suffer too much of a food coma!


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