Gypsy has a new job

Hello to All from sunny San Antonio!

Roxie and Gypsy are each 13 years old, so they are senior girls. We’ve determined recently that Roxie is starting to lose her hearing, but since we have always naturally used hand signals along with verbal commands, Roxie has no trouble understanding what we are asking her to do.

However, she has had trouble lately hearing the doggie dog open and close, so she is getting confused about coming back in at night. When the weather is warm, it is not so much of a concern, but when it is cold, I don’t want her stranded outside.

So, we have been asking Gypsy to “Go Get Roxie”. Gypsy barrels out the doggie door and manages to lead Roxie back inside. It is a great convenience for us, since Roxie does not hear us calling her, and we don’t want to go out into the cold to get her! I am extremely proud of Gypsy that she figured this out so quickly!

Here is a picture of the two of them: Gypsy on the left, and Roxie on the right.

I hope you and your dogs are doing well,


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