Deaf Pet Awareness

Hello to All,

Our 13 1/2 year old sheltie/schnauzer cross Roxie is losing her hearing. We started noticing this about 6-8 months ago when it became more difficult to wake her up, and she would not respond to us when we called her. This visual caught my eye, and since we are dealing with this in our household it was quite timely for us. We have always used hand signals in conjunction with verbal commands, so that part has been a fairly easy transition. And, we have asked Gypsy to help, as I wrote about in my post from January 23rd Gypsy Has a New Job.

One good thing that has come of this: Roxie has always been extremely thunder-phobic. She would pant, drool, pace, and cling to us whenever there was thunder in the area. Now, she is nowhere near as bothered by thunder, and she only gets anxious if it very close or extremely loud.

Love to you and your dogs,


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