Happy 14th Birthday to Roxie!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for indulging me in celebrating our Roxie’s 14th birthday!

Roxie is doing quite well for a senior girl, although she has slowed down, and is losing her hearing. She still likes to play and is still our fetchaholic who barks at us every day at five p.m. to throw the ball!

Here is our little princess in her birthday tiara:

Roxie with tiara

And donning a party hat:

Roxie with hat

And Gypsy getting in on the action:


Here is my post from May about Roxie’s hearing loss: Deaf Pet Awareness.

My best to you and your dogs,


Aug 15, 2013 | 5 | Animal Communication, animal welfare, Dog Behavior

5 Responses to “Happy 14th Birthday to Roxie!”

  1. Peggy Says:

    How adorable! Roxie, i need your beauty secret!!

  2. Yvonne Johnson Says:

    Happy birthday, Roxie!

  3. Steve & Darla Says:

    Happy birthday, pretty girl!!!

  4. Jean Says:

    Roxie said to tell you her beauty secret is she gets bathed in 11.5 pH water, then rinsed in beauty water, and she drinks 8.5 pH water!

  5. Lauren Says:

    I have a sheltie schnauzer mix named scamp he looks almost identical to Roxie would love if this would let me post a picture.