Roxie’s cancer surgery

Hello to All,

It has been a rough few months for both Roxie and Gypsy. I’ll start with Roxie’s cancer. We had noticed in June that a lump on her back was growing big, hard, and fast. At first I thought it was a fatty tumor, like the one she has on her belly, but it did not behave like that one at all. When we took her to see our vet, Dr. Maria Williams, she took one look at Roxie, did a biopsy, and told us it had to come off. I, of course, was quietly freaking out. We scheduled Roxie for surgery the following week.

We were told that Roxie did really well during her surgery, but Dr. Maria said she was very aggressive with the surgery and took out more tissue than she had anticipated. Roxie had about 15 staples on her incision. We would have to wait for a definitive diagnosis, as the tissue sample had to be sent off. So, Roxie was sent home with an Elizabethan collar and post-surgery instructions.

Roxie is thunder-phobic. That night and early morning we had the worst thunder and lightening storm that I can remember. Poor little Roxie, who was supposed to be resting and recovering from major surgery, spent most of the night pacing, crying, and throwing up. So, none of us got much sleep that night.

All of us hated the Elizabethan collar. It was hard plastic, Roxie had a very difficult time moving around with it, and it hurt a lot if she bumped into one of us. We got the idea to use an inflatable travel pillow instead, and it worked like a charm.

Roxie, who is 15 years old, did not get the memo that she was an elderly dog recovering from major surgery. It only took a couple of days before she was jumping around, wanting to play, and demanding her breakfast/snacks/dinner right on time.

We received the diagnosis from Dr. Maria in about ten days. It was a spindle cell sarcoma. We discussed our options with Dr. Maria, such as chemo, radiation, Chinese herbs, and we all decided our best course of action was to wait and see. As Dr. Maria put it, we would consider every day with Roxie a blessing. Besides, Rick and I had discussed that although we would never let her suffer, we also would not put our 15-year-old dog through any type of chemo or radiation. I’ve seen too many humans go through hell with those types of treatments. We are more interested in Roxie’s quality of life rather than artificial longevity.

Fast forward to today: Roxie has had no recurrence of the cancer. We have her on a homemade diet, she drinks Kangen Water® , and we started her on turmeric after her surgery. So, I am hopeful she will be with us a good while longer.

I’ll continue on with Gypsy’s back issue in my next post.

Until then, take care and please give your dogs a hug for me,


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