Gypsy’s back problem

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Hi Everyone,

The next issue that came up this summer happened to Gypsy. The morning after we found out that Roxie would need cancer surgery, Gypsy was in excruciating pain. She could barely walk, and her back legs were shaking badly. She would try to bite either of us if we tried to touch her. We gave her a pain pill, but we were at a loss as what to do with her. We, fortunately, were able to get an appointment with our vet Dr. Maria Williams that same day.

The next obstacle was getting her in the truck to make the trip to the vet. Lifting her was out of the question, so Rick built a makeshift ramp, and with the lure of treats, got Gypsy in the truck.

Dr. Maria gave Gypsy acupuncture, a chiropractic adjustment, electro stimulation, and sent her home with muscle relaxers and pain meds. The vet said it looked like a severe muscle spasm, but to be cautious, was treating it as a slipped disc. Rick said Gypsy’s relief was almost immediate. I am convinced Dr. Maria saved Gypsy’s life. If we had taken Gypsy to a traditional vet without Dr. Maria’s alternative skills, I believe Gypsy would have been put down, as that vet would not have known how to help her.

Gypsy was scheduled for more rounds of chiropractic adjustments, plus she was put under house arrest for a couple of weeks. Gypsy is a smart little dog, and a smart dog and being bored is a bad combination. So, we devised ways to occupy her brain. We took driving trips to the park where she could observe the deer. I came up with a simple puzzle using three paper cups. I would hide her treats in one of the cups, and Gypsy had to figure out which one contained the treat and determine how to get to the treat. Rick built a fantastic ramp that both dogs now use to get in and out of the truck.

Gypsy, like Roxie, is 15 years old. As of today, she is back to taking short and slow walks, and she continues to get regular chiropractic adjustments.

My next post will be about Roxie’s seizures, in the continuation of our doggie health issues.

Until then, the best to you and your dogs,


Jan 26, 2015 | 2 | Animal Communication, animal welfare, Dog Behavior, Holistic, Home Health Care for Dogs