Roxie’s seizures

Hello Everybody,

So far, I’ve written about Roxie’s cancer surgery and Gypsy’s back problem as two of the four heath issues our 15-year-old dogs Roxie and Gypsy have faced recently.

The third one surfaced this fall. Roxie began having infrequent, but frightening nonetheless, seizures. If you have ever witnessed a seizure in a human or an animal you know they are difficult to watch. In Roxie’s case, she would get stiff, stare into space, and then just fall over. These episodes would only last a few seconds, and then she would seem anxious, scared, and disoriented. The best we knew to do for her was to keep her warm and comfort her.

Our vet, Dr. Maria Williams, got her started on a Chinese herb, called Gastrodia and Uncaria, which we were to administer three times per day. I quizzed my acupuncturist about this herb who said it is used for similar conditions in humans. Dr. Maria also told us we could massage Roxie’s head or use ice on her head, all in an effort to dissipate excessive heat.

I consider myself open minded, but the use of Chinese herbs was a first for us. However, since we have been giving them to Roxie, neither Rick nor I have seen another seizure episode.

My final post regarding our recent doggie health issues will be about Gypsy having a stroke.

Until then, the best to you and your dogs,


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