Gypsy had a stroke

Hi to All,

I’ve written about three of the four recent health emergencies that Roxie and Gypsy have endured these last few months: Roxie’s cancer surgery, Gypsy’s back problem and Roxie’s seizures.

The fourth incident happened early morning December 12th. I woke up about five in the morning hearing this strange sound coming from Gypsy. Her hindquarters were stuck under the bed, she was frantically pawing the carpet with her front paws, her eyes were flipping around, and she looked terrified. I, of course, had a minor panic attack and got Rick up. We were able to get Gypsy out from under the bed, but she could barely walk. Not knowing what to do, we gave her a pain med and tried to comfort her as best we could.

Our vet, Dr. Maria Williams, had no open appointments that day, but we were told if we brought Gypsy in and left her for the day, Dr. Maria would look at her when she could. I never would have guessed the diagnosis: Gypsy had suffered a stroke. Dr. Maria administered an anti-inflammatory, gave her both a chiropractic and acupuncture treatment, and put her on the same Chinese herb we had for Roxie’s seizures: Gastrodia and Uncaria.

Because Gypsy was so dizzy (her eyes continued to flutter for a couple of days) they suggested we give her dramamine. Besides the fluttering eyes, she had a severe head tilt, and serious balance issues. She also refused food for a couple of days.

We took Gypsy back for another acupuncture treatment a week later. Her eyes were no longer fluttering, she was eating normally, her balance was improving, but she still had a head tilt.

Just like Roxie, we have Gypsy on a homemade diet, she drinks Kangen Water® , and she takes turmeric .

As of today, you would never know that our 15-year-old Gypsy had a stroke at all. She no longer has a head tilt, and her balance I would estimate at about 90%. We continue to live every day as a blessing.

I wish you and your dogs nothing but the best,


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