Could a Dog Improve Your Life and Tax Bill?

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Rick grilled a whole chicken for dinner tonight, but before cooking it, he set aside some pieces for Roxie and Gypsy. They enjoyed the raw chicken wings, neck, tail, and liver for their dinner and ate all of it with their usual gusto.

Rick passed along this intriguing article to me today. The writer, Lisa De Pasquale, discusses something we all as dog lovers already know, which is how much pets enrich our lives. I know for me, I cannot imagine not having a dog in my life, as they add immeasurably to what makes life worth living.

Her second point, though, is not so clear cut. She would like to see a change in the tax code to allow us to declare our pets as tax exemptions. My political views can best be described as libertarian, and I believe we should be looking at ways to simplify the tax code rather than add a further wrinkle to already impossibly complex legislation.

Anyway, take a look and tell me what you think: Could a Dog Improve Your Life and Tax Bill?

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