Itchy dog home remedies

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I had my first experience with acupuncture treatments last week for a frozen shoulder. The acupuncture, along with weekly chiropractic adjustments, does seem to be helping, although my progress is excruciatingly slow. I will do just about anything to avoid steroids or surgery!

I’ve mentioned Dr. Mercola’s site before, and Dr. Karen Becker, who is the veterinarian on the Healthy Pet portion of his website, recently did a two-part video about Skin Problems and Baths (NOTE: this link takes awhile to load). Our little sheltie/schnauzer mix Roxie is highly sensitive to environmental allergens and fleas, and the tip I found most helpful is to bathe her more often. I’ve always thought it was a bad idea to frequently bathe dogs as it dries their skin, but Dr. Becker debunks that idea. Roxie, to her extreme displeasure, now gets a weekly bath to relieve her itchiness.

I couldn’t resist sharing this tip for Cleaning Your Computer Screen.


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