Our first experience with an Animal Communicator

Hello to All from San Antonio,

Rick and I took a leap of faith this week, and had a session with an animal communicator. We have had an issue in our household that has escalated over the last couple of months where Roxie and Gypsy were getting into fights every couple of days. They have had their infrequent spats over the years, but lately it had become a serious problem. I am sure that any of you with a multi-dog household can agree it is extremely distressing when they fight each other. Plus, Roxie was getting some bad wounds, and Rick was getting bites on his hands when he would break them up.

I have known about and been interested in animal communication for awhile, and because Rick and I really did not know what to do to resolve the fighting, this seemed like the right time to give it a try. We contacted Val Heart, who had been recommended by a friend.

We first had a 10 minute consultation with her, to come to a mutual understanding of the problem, her expectations of us, and our expectations of her.

The next step was the first of three hour-long sessions with her. She taught us several things, and I had quite a few light-bulb moments. She identified the reason Gypsy was attacking Roxie: Gypsy, our alpha dog, felt Roxie was weak, anxious, timid, and unstable, and therefore a threat to the pack. Of course, a big part of the problem was our behavior. We tended to treat Roxie more gently and more protectively, and give her more affection because we viewed her as needing our protection. Also, because we were so on edge about their fighting, that translated into weakness and unstable energy. So, Gypsy felt it was her job to correct Roxie to strengthen the pack.

Val gave us some homework, including a visualization/communication exercise to “tell the story” of what we want to happen, for example, when someone comes to the door, and to remain in a calm, centered, but assertive place. The calm, assertiveness is right out of Cesar Millan’s playbook, so I was familiar with the idea, but not very good at practicing it.

We were also taught to spend more time training them, both to improve Roxie’s confidence, and to give Gypsy a clear signal of who is actually in charge.

Something else I want to mention, is Rick and I decided to no longer allow them to sleep on the bed with us. We came to that conclusion on our own, after they woke us up about a week ago at 4:30 a.m. going at each other. We thought it would be more difficult than it was, but they both caught on quickly that their sleeping spots were on the floor and not on the bed. Val told us that would have been her first suggestion, so she was glad to hear we figured it out ourselves.

We have another session scheduled in two weeks, and it is up to us to implement the ideas she gave us. I’ll give you an update after our next session.

In the meantime, if anyone has had their own experience with an animal communicator, I’d love to hear about it.


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  1. Val Heart Says:

    Hi Jean & Rick!
    I am delighted to read about your experience of our first session together. This is all good stuff, and I have high hopes that your fighting pooch problem will soon be a thing of the past. I know we have more to do, so I’m really looking forward to your next sessions, and finding out how things are going.
    Many Blessings,

  2. Pat Gray Says:

    I was highly skeptical when an animal communicator came to the stable where I kept my horse. She told me a few things that didn’t seem right at all, and then said “He would like a blanket, he gets cold in the winter.” Before I could get the words out of my mouth she added, “He used to have a red blanket in Texas, but it was way too small so he took it off.” It was a story I hadn’t shared with anyone where were – 1200 miles away in Michigan. Skeptic no longer…. Good luck with your dogs!

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