Gypsy’s bout with an abscess

Hello to All,

If you read my previous post, I talked about Roxie and her pancreatitis. Well, Gypsy had her own problems this week.

The same day Roxie had her attack of pancreatitis, we noticed Gypsy had a swollen and extremely tender spot on her left side. It was so tender I could barely even run my hand over it without her flinching. Not knowing what to do, thinking it would just heal, and because Gypsy would not tolerate any sort of treatment, we left it alone for a couple of days. Since we saw no improvement, we started flushing it with 2.5 pH strong acidic water to disinfect it. After a couple of flushes, the wound spewed out blood and pus. It was nasty. Rick started to flush it, apply antibiotic ointment, and wrap it at least a couple of times per day. We actually had to muzzle Gypsy because she did not want us messing with her side at all, and let us know in no uncertain terms.

However, it just didn’t seem to be doing any better, so she had a visit to our vet, Dr. Maria Williams. She took one look at Gypsy and said, “that is an abscess”. She shaved Gypsy’s side, gave her a shot of penicillin, expelled whatever pus she could (I didn’t watch that part) and treated it with hydrogen peroxide and betadine. Gypsy, of course, was none too happy with any of this, but now her side looks a lot better. She actually had some bruising and three puncture marks. Dr. Maria said we should continue to flush it with water, leave it open, continue to apply the antibiotic ointment, and administer seven days of antibiotics. Rick fashioned a “collar” out of a paper plate for Gypsy so she can’t get to the injured area. As of today, her wound is still oozing some, but it looks so much better.

We can only speculate what caused the injury in the first place, whether it was a bite (scorpion, spider) or Gypsy ran into a sharp stick or whatever.

Other than pouting about her custom-made paper plate collar, Gypsy is none the worse for wear. On the first picture you can see where her wound is:


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