Jean & Rick, Roxie & Gypsy

Hi,  I’m Jean McKinney.  My husband Rick and I are devoted pet parents to two very spoiled, mix-breed dogs Roxie and Gypsy.   We are very interested in learning natural, whole ways to keep them healthy, and we love sharing what we’ve learned along the way.

Roxie is a spayed, Sheltie/Schnauzer cross born in August 1999.   She weighs about 18 pounds, and is an extremely active little girl.  She is a “fetch-aholic” and is ready to play catch or tug-of-war with any ball or stuffed animal in her path.  We have had Roxie since she was four months old.  She loves to talk, and thus has earned the nickname of  “barksalot”.

UPDATE: We lost Gypsy on August 18, 2015 R.I.P. Gypsy 1999-2015. We miss her everyday.
Gypsy is a spayed mix of unknown heritage born in November 1999.  We think she could be part border collie because of her black and white coloring and her stalking behavior.  She weighs about 21 pounds, and is content to hunt down anything that moves in the back yard.  We have had Gypsy since she was about a year old, and we adopted her from a woman on the South side of San Antonio who rescues strays.  When we got Gypsy, she was recovering from malnutrition, an eye infection, an ear infection, and mange.  She also has a broken tail and scars on her lip, which, we can only guess, came from scary encounters while she was homeless.

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Roxie, Jean & Gypsy